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Bilya Yataklı Dönerler / Turntable Ball Bearings /

Teknik Bilgiler / Technical Information /
Application and Use: Deksan, DOST Slewing ring (Turntable) ball bearings are used where 0-360 axial rotation is required and for different purposes. 
Usually used for various agricultural trailers and machinery, automatic irrigation for agricultural machinery, small cargo onboard; cranes and ladders. 8
Airport baggage trolley transportation, especially supports the equipments used in all kind of application where 0-360 o axial rotation are needed. Dek- 
san DOST Slewing ring ball bearings support not only axial load it supports separately also radial load and moment load . Other applications (without 
ball bearing) are mainly focused on axial load. Deksan DOST Slewing ring ball bearings of the D series; diam.300 – 500mm. are suitable for the use on 
vehicles with a speed up to 25 Km / h and load capacity of 500-1000 kg. trailers. Deksan DOST Slewing ring ball bearings of the EKS series; diam. 600- 
1100 mm. are suitable for the use on agricultural vehicles with a speed up to 40 Km/h.
The given values on Table are suitable for your vehicle’s load capacity with maximum 25 km/h speed .

• For application to increase the vehicles speed from 25 km/h up to 40 km/ h the load capacity must be reduced. • For application with a speed lower 
than 25 km/h the load capacity can be increased. • In these cases please get in contact with Deksan technical support department.
The values on Table valid for vehicles circulating on roads and conventional transport conditions in Europe.

Maintenance: Deksan, DOST Slewing ring Ball Bearings lubrication should be checked regularly. Taking in account the working conditions the overall 
control of Slewing rings should be made at least once a month. Each lubrication process (lubrication oil) shall make due pumping on Slewing rings 
top and bottom and continue until the grease shows between the two rings.During the oil pumping operation the bearing has to be rotared in same 
direction to become an equal dispersal. It is to be used Lithium Oil type. Connection bolts tightness (stabilization) should be checked time to time 
depending on usage. Tightening torque should be appropriate to the value table. Conditions of Supply: Deksan Dost slewing rings bearings are 
protected by an anti-rust paint that is sufficient to preserve the product up to the final utilization. Dost ball bearings are pre-lubricated delivered from 
the factory and fitted with four grease nippels arranged on accurate line on outer ring. Deksan Dost slewing ring chassis screw holes of your relevant 
vehicle are supplied without hole. The holes that should mount on your vehicle’s chassis must be identified already in our Factory and the quantity 

of ordered slewing rings should be in sufficient amount.
Assembly: For a correct mounting of Deksan Dost ball bearing to the structure , it is important that the surface should be flat to 
protect stretching after mounting.
The important subject is the chassis has to support at least 50% of its surface.
The bearing is supported by the companion structure on at least 50% of its surface and that the connecting areas are symmetrical 
with respect to the axis of movement.
Bolt holes must not be located near the balls loading plug.
The slewing rings must be mounted on to chassis without welding process.
For the assembly of the slewing ring bearings, bolts of minimum 8.8 quality must be used.
Number of Boltss according the Slewing ring types are given in the table.
In order to allow to upload the bolts from radial loads, we recommend the usage of suitable slabs welded on structure (same as 

schema) At least four on each side.
Before the mounting to become the Slewing rings longevity and easy usage, the bolts has to be lubricated due the grease nippels 
which are fitted in Slewing rings.


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